"Hello, my name is Cleo and I was born in breading station Le Cour Pur in Brno. And so my whole name is Cleo Le coeur Pur. I am Beauceron and have mother from Czech Republic and father from France. I also have five siblings. I am playful, big and everybody tells me that I am best of the best. And who are you? A you know what? It does not matter, anyway I am very happy for you to be here on my website. Well then, welcome my friends. I already love youuuuuuu so much with all my heart, woof!"

 Cleo Le Coeur Pur

About me

As I have said before, I am Beauceron and we come form France. You will find more about our breed on the website or just Google it. 

I have decided to become the most famos Beauceron in the Czech Republic and Europe. Of course, it is not an easy journey, it is full of obstacles and challenges to face. I am doing my best, so is my master and his whole family. And so I have barked: "I need new webpages!" and this is it! All new with social network, photos, galleries, some ads, three stacks of dog treats and some blue jeans to tear up. I have started my own campain. I am not afraid of competition, I am not afraid of any puddles. I am the dog warrior.

I am the dog in the right place. Always in the lead of my human pack. Follow my adventures and stay on-the-line.